Vanamotsava 2017

Vanamotsava 2017

  • Belur
  • Vanamotsava 2017
    Vanamotsava 2017
  • Vanamotsava 2017
    Vanamotsava 2017
  • Young Turks @ Vanamotsava
    Young Turks @ Vanamotsava
  • Devaraj, Prakash and Sanjeev, experiencing plantation.
    Devaraj, Prakash and Sanjeev, experiencing plantation.
  • Troupe @ Belur
    Troupe @ Belur
  • On the way to Vanamotsava
    On the way to Vanamotsava


One Day Outing by UKSL Team to Forest, Nature and Historical Place
UKSL Families and friends at Anugunalu Village , Beluru and Halebidu (Hasan District) on 3rd June 2017

Presenting to you A Detailed Report here:

Dear Friends,

You have been receiving regular updates from UKSL Team.
This is the final report on our recently conducted event UKSL Vanamahotsava 2017, please have a look!

The UKSL Team had organized a one day outing to ANUGUNALU Village to visit the Forest created by Dr. Malali Gowda and then historical places like Beluru and Halebidu and closing the day with visit to Shri Yediyur Siddalingeshwara Kshetra.

This was our first ever event organised by UKSL team, after we came up with the idea of UKSL Trust. It was very important that this event becomes successful.

After looking at the end results we are now feeling happy and satisfied today!

This event was very special for all of us because it involved
• Creating awareness on Environment in our kids and ourselves by visiting the village ANUGUNALU in Hassan District

• Feeling amazed that to see that there are people around us who have dedicated their life to preserve nature.

• Getting to know the rich culture, tradition and Design and Technical skills that existed some 1000 years ago in India by visiting Beluru and Halebidu

• Bonding with all the North Karnataka Families and kept us away from namma busy Bengaluru!

It was one of the most memorable experience for all of us to know about the hard work put in by great minds like Dr. Malali Gowda who has survived the Gujarat Earthquake Natural Disaster in 2001. May be God blessed him that day to serve the Mother Nature to create this wonderful forest in 15 years!

Trust me, Mr. Gowda and team have not taken single paisa from the govt of Karnataka except for the barren land of 15 acres. For first 5 years, they have looked after every tree like their own kids!

Many of them did not survive, but it helped them in increasing the fertility of the soil and because of which natural forest growing there.

Dr. Malali Gowda says a lot can be done in the North Karnataka villages provided the villagers and people around support the cause selflessly.

While giving vote of thanks our friend Swamy exclaimed that, we had seen Bangarada Manushya Dr. Rajakumar reviving his village in the movie, but Dr. Malali Gowda is like Modern Day Bangarada Manushya born again to revive ANUGUNALU village!! Everyone acknowledged Swami’s view with a big applause!!

UKSL team would like to thank our friend Mahantesh Veerapur whole heartedly for conceptualising and making this event happen.! Maantu … this was an awesome experience!

Second part of the event was to know more about our rich Indian culture, Technical innovation and Design capabilities we had 1000 years ago!

Man! When the guide started narrating every sculpture in BELURU AND HALEBIDU and history behind it, it was just goose bumps moments for every one of us!!

We were just stunned to hear about the wonderful things that existed then. We all felt so great and proud about being Indians through this one day tour. Looking the precision with which these temples have been built, we just wondered how they would have created the concept, design and reviewed the whole design!

It is not a joke to hear that 3 generations of one king Vishnuvardhana dedicated their time and effort to create such master pieces! Hats off to their thought process and exceptionally high world class leadership skills!

Lastly the fun part we had in the trip! Sunil, Sujata, Swamy, Guru, Vinay, Devaraj, Lokesh, Suresh Tigadi, Sanjeev Patwari and others took lead and ensured the trip was lively and entertaining throughout both in the bus and TT.

How can we forget all our children? They had a wonderful time throughout the day! Even at 9 PM in the bus, they were bustling with high energy! At one point one of the kids Chirag suggested, why don’t all uncles get into bus, we children will take the full TT and have fun!!!

The success of any event depends on the food we serve and how we serve it. We think this was a momentous day on that count.

We had a great, delicious breakfast with Idli, Vadaa, Khara baat and Kesri baat in the morning supplied by our Food partners, NAMMURA UPAHAR,Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

In the afternoon, Lunch was organised by DNA life members in the mid of ANUGUNALU forest. Thanks to Dr. Krishna Murthy (Brother of Dr. Malali Gouda) and team! It was a very delicious food served with lots of love and affection!

We cannot forget our friend Prabhu Savanur here. He came up with a timely thought and organised for Dinner at Shri. Yediyur Siddalibgeshwara Anna Dasoha on way back to Bangalore.

We signed off the tour on a high note with the blessings of Sri. Yediyur Siddalingeshwara. Thank you Prabhu…This is highly appreciated!

Our sincere thanks go to everyone in the UKSL Trustees Team and all the members of UKSL organising committee and some of the exceptionally self-motivated UKSL members who contributed in making this event a grand success!!

Of course, the participation from every member the bus and TT was more than 100%. The proof was, all the kids were 100% fresh even at 9 PM in the bus, enjoying their time! Thanks to them all of them!

As usual the UKSL volunteers pitched in during the day and made light of the work. Thanks to Tushar Mulgund, Prabhu Savanur’s son, our new UKSL member Ramprasad Chigari, Girish Pavate and other friends who helped in the activities.

For the last two weeks, Deepak Alur, Gururaj Kulkarni, Arun Yadwad, Prakash Rajagoli and Mahantesh Veerapur have worked relentlessly for this event. Thanks to all of them.!!

Special thanks to Deepak for launching fully enabled UKSL payment gateway, Prakash Rajagoli for single handedly managing the TT vehicle and all passengers till the end and of course Gururaj for managing all accounts with an eye for details.

Not forget to those UKSL friends, even when they were not able make it, sent in their families and kids to this tour. Thank you, guys!

Of course, at the end, we felt we missed many of our good friends who have attended and contributed to our previous events. Had they all come, it would have been even greater trip with two full buses!

Our friend Wali’s absence is always felt. We felt some of the things would have been better managed by him.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who directly and indirectly contributed and made this event an immense success!

Thank you!
UKSL Organizing Team

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