Trust Registration

Trust Registration

Dear friends,

On this day, first Friday of Shravana Maasa, 28th July 2017, the most awaited moment has arrived! A dream cherished for last 12 years has come true!

A thought envisioned 12 years ago by our founder members and friends Parag Mulgund, Raju Hiregoudar and Gangadhar Wali has become a reality today!!! Thanks to these friends for such a noble thought conceived that day!

We are very happy to announce that our dream organisation UTTARA KARNATAKA SNEHALOKA (UKSL) TRUST, Bangalore got registered today!!

UKSL Trust is a legal entity now with all the formal structure and nominated Trustees.!

It is a momentous day for us where in we are now more empowered to serve the society and people of North Karnataka with much more rigour and enthusiasm!

At this moment, we would like to sincerely thank all our friends, their families for their continued and unconditional support in every activity that we took up for last 12 years !

We always keep telling, the river Kaveri may flow wherever across the country and ultimately reach the ocean, but we never forget the origin Kodagu! She is always the KODAGINA KAVERI for us!

On that note we would like to thank our friend Gangadhar Wali who against all the odds, kept that gupta gaamini flowing, the fire burning though the years with his sincerity and commitment to the vision of UKSL every single day!

Thank you dear friend Wali! You must be the happiest man today!

We would also like to thank our friends Deepak Alur and Gururaj Kulkarni who drove the entire registration program for last 4 months successfully.

Sincere thanks to all the nominated Trustees Gangadhar Wali , Deepak Alur , Arun Yadwad , Prakash RajagoliCA Gururaj KulkarniSujata Vinayak , Veena IHKumar Handur and Girish Metgudmath for their persistent efforts in achieving this major milestone..!

Thanks to all the members of the groups UKSL, UK pretty Women, UK Entrepreneurs Loka, UKSL Organizing Committee and of course UKSL Trustees for their ever dependable support!

More announcements will follow in the coming days!

As of now enjoy the pictures below!!!

Thank you,

The team behind UKSL Trust

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