Our Trust Inaguration Ceremony

Our Trust Inaguration Ceremony

After 11 years of togetherness of UK folks in Bangalore, the organising team decided to form a trust as it was proven from previous annual gatherings that like minded people existed within the group and the thrust was to move towards a formal entity so that the team would commit further on social welfare.

After couple of months of deliberation with legal counsels and CAs, the trust was formally registered in Bangalore in July 2017.

As has been the norm, inauguration is a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of any big step. The trust decided to have a formal event to publicly announce the arrival of UKSL team in social welfare activities.

Between the trust formation and the inaguration event, the trustees adapted a meticulous approach of choosing 4 verticals as key focus areas. It also meant that any initiative that the trust undertook had to fall in one of the four verticals. If it wasn’t then, the trust should not consider the initiative.

The trustees after deliberation decided to invite Mr. Vijay Sankeswar as chief guest – as Mr. Vijay was a proven serial entrepreneur from North Karnataka and also chairman of a large public limited company. After further discussions, it was decided to have additional guests as the intention was to form a platform from NK/UK.

While the guests were being solicited for the event, some achievers from NK/UK were identified as people to be felicitated for their special performance in their areas like Sports, arts, entrepreneurship etc.

What was thought to be a fireside chat with Mr. Vijay was now evolving to be a full fledged inaguration event.

With these key aspects in place, the org committee met multiple times to give shape to this event. As usual, to ensure focus on all areas of the event, An inauguration is a formal ceremony or special event to mark either: the beginning of a major public leader’s term of office. the opening or first public use of a new civic area, organisation or project.  were formed viz – Reception committee for welcoming guests, registration committee for ensuring trust membership registrations, food committee for organising meals, logistics committee for managing all logistics related to the event, facilities committee for managing the venue etc.

Needless to say, organisation committee members aka volunteers aka swayam sevakaru have been the key pillars for success of all previous events 🙂

The auditorium of KLE society’s Nijalingappa school in Rajajinagar was finalised as the inaguration venue. The venue could seat 350 people with dedicated sound management and air-conditioning facilities. Mr. Shankar Belgavi, Vice President of KLE society was kind enough to give the trust permission to utilise the auditorium free of cost.

The Org teams got busy with ensuring the event was an success. Registrations for the event were solicited on our portal for all interested folks. Within 2 weeks the event was completely booked by 300+ folks.

The event day – 29th Oct 2017 was a much awaited-biggest event ever conducted by the org team. It started of at 8am with breakfast being served for all guests. By 10 the event was running full house with everything in motion just like gears in the watch working to show their output in just 2 needles. It was an exhilarating experience to see dreams of all org team members being given wings to take the first flight. The traditional lighting of lamp followed by the formal inaguration of our portal was the key point of the whole event.

The event concluded with typical NK food ordered and arranged by our food committee team – something which scored high on the feedback list.

Though the inaguration event is over, it is start of our dreams, it’s a start of a new chapter, it’s a start of new responsibilities, it’s a new B-E-G-I-N-I-N-G and we are all pretty excited.

Stay Tuned 🙂

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