Org Committee Meeting – Sep 2018

Org Committee Meeting – Sep 2018

When it comes to planning an event in UKSL, it’s a widely known fact that it’s always a team contribution – No one person is better than the team. The first of the series to conduct the annual UK – Entreprenuers meet (season 3) was held on Sep 23rd in one of the UKSL Trustee’s house – Deepak Alur.

The meeting was attended by around 40+ people represented by Sr Citizens, kids, Vaniteyaru and the men. The meeting started off at 5pm and took more than 2 hours to discuss and finalise the UKEM event. The event concluded with dinner and some major decisions being taken.

Some key decisions were –

  1. Trust secretary Arun Yadwad invited all the UKSL Organisation team members and provided updates on proposed UKEM 3 meeting to be held on 28th October 2018.
  2. Updated that Mr. Dayanand of DS MAX builders has been finalised as one of the key speakers.
  3. Swaminathan is being pursued by Trust Vice president Veena Karthik as key motivation speaker with a workshop.
  4. Ashok Patil , professor @ National Law School of India University is being pursued by trustee Prakash Rajagoli to deliver an interactive session on “Indian Consumer Laws and the impact on Entrepreneurs”.
  5. Trust President Gangadhar Wali informed that Hotel Parijata (near Orion mall – Karnataka soap factory Metro station) will be finalised as ‘UKEM – 3’ venue with the help of org team members Prakash Turmari and Prakash Datnal
  6. It has been decided in the meeting that 999 will be charged per participant to attend UKEM 3 event.
  7. Org team members are requested to get suitable Industrialists as key speakers for UKEM 3 event.
  8. Org team member Vinayak will update on availability of Mr. Ajit Prabhu.
  9. Also org team members are requested to get sponsors for the event.
  10. Discussed to provide appropriate slots to the attendees to present their success stories during UKEM 3.
  11. Org team members Prakash Turmari, Prakash Datnal and Basavaraj Javalagi have volunteered to be part of UKEM 3 org team.
  12. Arun informed that UKSL is going to conduct a daylong event with the theme “UKSL kids have got talent” on 18th November 2018. This event will be for kids below 16 years of age.
  13. Org team members are requested to take active participation in both the events.
  14. Vanita Loka members will own up the kid’s event under the leadership of Mrs.Ashwini Wali and Mrs. Anu Kubihalmath.
  15. It has been discussed and decided that UKSL Annual event will be held on 20th January 2019. Entry fee for Adults will be Rs.1000.
  16. All the org team members are requested to suggest suitable Resorts near centre of the city so that it’s convenient for all.
  17. Annual pilgrimage event to Shrishail will be held two weeks before Ugadi festival (2019). Details are being worked out. Interested members needs to contact the trustees.
  18. On popular demand UKSL will be conducting a day long trekking event in Mid November 2018. More updates will follow by Arun / Basavaraj / Lingaraj
  19. As part of GenNext initiative UKSL will be conducting a visit to nearby Sugar factory. Trustee Prakash Rajagoli will coordinate with UKSL advisory member Mr.Basu Sajjan and updates the team soon. It will be fun activity along with developing interest in kids towards the process industry. Expenses towards the same is being worked out.
  20. With the help of UKSL life member Mr.Hanumantray Balurgi, visit to ISRO centre is being planned. Wait for more details.
  21. As part of keeping the UKSL life members updated on the activities conducted or planned, it has been decided that each org team member needs to contact around 5 life members and update. List will be shared soon.
  22. Trust President Gangadhar Wali visited Rain affected areas of Kodagu along with Org team member Lingaraj Managuli and briefed the havoc created by mother nature. Thanks to the help extended by another org team member Mahantesh Veerapur for extending support in reaching the victims in Kodagu.
  23. Discussed and decided that with the collected money of Rs. 2 lakhs around 100 family kits containing kitchen items and or LED bulbs etc will be distributed directly to the needy families. Org team members are requested to mobilise relief fund to the extent possible.
  24. UKSL Secretary Arun will draft a letter to the corporate companies requesting relief fund.
  25. Trust CA Mr.Tuppad needs to be consulted whether we need to conduct AGM on regular basis.
  26. Discussed and decided to conduct general connectivity meet for all the life members during mid December 2018.
  27. Suggested in the meeting that no member should post or forward any personal, political, religious messages which may hurt an individual or group of people.
  28. Discussed and decided that UKSL Life member WhatsApp group will be monitored by Admins (all the trustees) so that members will have only read access. This measure is being taken to avoid sharing non UKSL trust related messages or forwards in that group.
  29. Discussed and decided that all the life members to be included to “Uttara Karnataka snehaloka” WhatsApp group. This group is being used for communication without any restriction but not for exchange of any political, religious, personal of abusive posts.
  30. Suggested in the meeting that UKSL entrepreneurs company URL’s should be published on UKSL portal.
  31. Suggested in the meeting that UKSL certifications to be planned for all companies.
  32. Discussed and decided that UKSL trust T shirts needs to be planned for Annual event of 2019.
  33. Suggested in the meeting to identify the domain of all the entrepreneurs.
  34. Suggested that UKEM objectives, mission and vision statements to be formulated.
  35. Suggested to revive UKSL naukri facility to the needy members and it should be inaugurated on 28th October 2018.
  36. Decided to continue placard drive of UKSL life members so that we can get more life members. Most of the present org team members took photos with placard and their support to this idea is appreciated.
  37. Suggested in the meeting that brief profile of each life member needs to be published.
  38. Suggested in the meeting that UKSL trust should provide “certificate of life membership” to encourage the life members.
  39. Trust president announced the resignation of treasurer Gururaj Kulkarni on account of his personal commitments. His resignation has been accepted and thanked his contribution towards up bringing the trust. Gururaj will continue as org team member.
  40. Gururaj thanked all the members and emphasized that any post in the trust is not a fancy position but it’s responsibility. Gathered team vouched in toto.
  41. It has been announced that Prabhu Savanur, one more active org team member, was selected by the trustees unanimously to be part of trustee team. All the members welcomed him as trustee and opined it has a suitable selection.
  42. President has announced that fellow trustee Prakash Rajagoli will take charge of treasurer post with immediate effect. This announcement also agreed by all the attended members and wished good luck.
  43. Informed to the meeting that income tax exemption certificate 80 G for the trust will be received soon. This will help UKSL supporters in general and UKSL life members in particular to donate generously and get 100% tax exemption.
  44. UKSL trustee Girish Metgudmath gave vote of thanks.
  45. Last but not the least all the members appreciated the perfect planning and execution of this meeting by Alur family. A big thank you.

Here are some glimses of the meeting –

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